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Travian is financed through players upgrading accounts with Travian Plus. Faced with further financial difficulties of maintaining Travian, a further 'Gold' feature was introduced, which was met with controversy.[7] The introduction of 'Gold' allows players to directly influence the game mechanics: for instance, by increasing resource production, instant completion of building and researches or applying a strength bonus to troops. However, it is possible to get gold without purchasing it. Most recently, Travian has expanded to include a "Travian Shop"[8] which includes Travian-related items like clothing and mugs.

End Game

Each Travian server ends with the "end game" sequence. For normal servers it begins after about 300 days, and for speed (3x) servers[6] it begins after about 100 days. After this time has elapsed the Natars, a race controlled by the computer, are released. As the players on the server begin to build the world wonders that they have to capture from the dreaded Natars, they meet resistance. They will, every 5 levels, attack the villages with wonders until level 95 when they will attack every new level. The first alliance that builds their wonder of the world to level 100 wins the server and restarts.


The game is heavily geared towards cooperative play. In fact the only likely way to win the game is through cooperation with an alliance. It's nearly impossible for single players to win, but an alliance can (see #End Game) Resources can be traded between players and towns can be reinforced with another player's troops. An in-game alliance feature is also available, providing the main catalyst for strategic play within Travian; players join and fight together for mutual benefit. Within an alliance, players can view attack and defense information for all alliance members, and also benefit from improved communication tools such as mass alliance-wide in-game messages. Because the maximum number of members in an alliance is 60, 'wings' tend to form as an alliance develops. Being a wing entails having multiple sub-alliances, often with similar names, acting as one alliance. Wings may not fight and destroy each other due to the friendly fire rules. Towards the end of a round, different alliances often join together, resulting in larger coalitions (meta alliances) - other diplomatic agreements include Non Aggression Pacts.

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About the game

The player starts as a leader of a small village, with one building, the main building, and some fields, where resources are produced. Troops can be produced once a player has a barracks. These can either be used to attack villages, often in order to steal or raid resources, or to defend against Teuton/Roman or Gaul troops attacking. Once the player has fulfilled certain criteria, he can found other villages or conquer those of an enemy with a tribal leader.

The aim of the game is to increase population and to control as many villages as possible. After a certain amount of time, further buildings and concepts are introduced, namely the introduction of the wonders of the world. The game ends when a player has finished constructing the world wonder to level 100 in a Natar village.

There are three tribes, the Romans, the Gauls, and the Teutons. Each has their own characteristics and an appropriate style of play: the Romans having a balanced set of attributes, the Gauls being largely defensive, and the Teutons geared towards a more aggressive style.

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Download najboljše Travian skripte, cheats, bots, dodatki

Za namestitev dodatka moraš najprej inštalirati Greasemonkey for Mozilla Firefoy, šele na to lahko naložiš poljubni dodatek.
Greasemonkey - download

Tu je na kupu zbranih nekaj najboljših skript za Travian:

Travian3 Beyond - all language - download

Best and most used travian script:

Travian QP Targets 3.0.0 - download

Quick Scout / Fake / Hero /Farm

Delayed Send Troops
Plus features
Message Autolinks

Enhanced Rally Point / Market / Residence / Palace
Field / Building Levels
Quick Delete Reports

Travian Multi crop finder - download

Script shows villages,
that have 9
or 15 crop fields.

Travian 3c SLOVENIAN dodatek - download

Caesar's Dark:


Najnovejši Teuton 3D z enakimi značilnostmi, kot vsi prejšnji.